Our Commitment to Safety

Put safety first in your workplace with commercial cleaning solutions from Prestige.

Discover Our Proactive Approach to Risk Management

When employees and customers enter your business, they shouldn’t be concerned about their safety. They should be able to focus on important matters at hand, like accomplishing business-critical tasks, responding to consumer inquiries, or shopping around.

At Prestige Maintenance USA, we strive to provide safety-driven cleaning solutions that reduce workplace hazards like slips, trips, falls, or poor indoor air quality while ensuring your facility is as clean as possible. By providing thorough safety training and creating a supportive environment for staff, we’re able to avoid workplace hazards before they impact your operations.

We Provide Ongoing Training for Continual Improvement

At Prestige, we operate with a growth mindset. There’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to safety. That’s why we provide rigorous safety training for all of our employees, from front-line custodial staff to upper management. This safety training isn’t a one-time thing, either—it’s an ongoing process that occurs throughout the year to ensure that our staff is well-equipped to provide safe cleaning solutions. We also adhere to GHS regulations to ensure our staff properly handles cleaning equipment and chemicals at all times.

We Strive to Create an Empowering Environment

Workplace hazards can put a lot of people at risk: your staff, our staff, and your customers. Because of this, they must be responded to in an appropriate, timely manner. At Prestige, we encourage our staff to speak up when they identify a workplace hazard and report the safety incident to their field manager, supervisor, or through another channel. This way, the incident can be resolved promptly and safely, eliminating the risk of employee or customer injury.

Partner With a Commercial Cleaning Company That Puts Safety First

Don’t settle for a commercial cleaning company that puts safety on the back burner. Contact Prestige today to schedule a no-risk cleaning consultation and learn more about how we can keep your business clean and safe.

Take Safety One Step Further With Disinfecting Services

There’s more to safety than eliminating slip, trip, and fall hazards from your workplace flooring. The spread of disease is a serious factor that contributes to the overall safety of your work environment. At Prestige, we proudly provide meticulous disinfecting services that eliminate germs and other pathogens from your facility, paying special attention to restrooms and high-touch surfaces so they don’t act as a vector of disease.

Learn More About Our Safety Qualifications

At Prestige, we’re continually raising the bar for our own expectations, seeking new ways to ensure we provide safe cleaning solutions for your business.

Delivering Compliant Cleaning Solutions to All Types of Industries

At Prestige, we know that various industries have different safety requirements. Because of our ongoing training, certifications, and commitment to growth, we’re able to provide safe, effective cleaning solutions to businesses across a variety of sectors. Our core service industries include:

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