Green Solutions

Maintain health, safety, and environmental stewardship with green solutions from Prestige.

Protect the Environment and Your Health With Green Cleaning Services

At Prestige Maintenance USA, we take our role in the community very seriously. We know that traditional cleaning methods and products can negatively impact the environment—that’s why we’re committed to providing green cleaning services that respect the environment and promote a healthier work environment for everyone.

Our CIMS Certification

We’re proud to have earned the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification, an achievement that very few commercial cleaning companies have attained. The CIMS-GB certification is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and green cleaning practices—with a green cleaner like Prestige, you can be sure that our service delivery complies with the industry’s leading standard.

Green-Seal Products

At Prestige, we use Green-Seal-certified products made from safer and more natural ingredients than traditional cleaning products. This allows us to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that are released into the environment during the cleaning process. Whether we’re disinfecting your restroom or auto-scrubbing the floors, you can be sure it’s done in the safest, most environmentally friendly fashion.

Embrace Sustainability With Green Solutions for Your Business

Want to make sure you’re doing your part in protecting the environment? Reach out to Prestige today to schedule a no-risk consultation and find your green solution.

How Our Green Solutions Impact Your Workplace

At Prestige, our green cleaning solutions offer a variety of benefits for your workplace, including:

  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and health outcomes: Our green solutions reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your workplace, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This improves the IAQ of your facility, reducing respiratory issues and allergies caused by harsh chemicals.
  • Positive brand image: By partnering with a CIMS-GB-certified company like Prestige, you show your employees and customers that you care about the environment and the health of your building occupants.
  • Regulatory compliance: We stay up to date on the latest cleaning regulations to ensure we deliver compliant and sustainable cleaning services, helping you adhere to environmental regulations and standards.

We Incorporate Green Solutions Into Every Service We Offer

At Prestige, we truly value sustainability. That’s why, whether we’re scrubbing your floors or steaming your carpet, we use sustainable products and practices. Learn more about how we apply our green solutions to our full range of services.

Our Green Solutions Sustain All Kinds of Businesses

As a cleaning company committed to sustainability, we proudly offer green solutions to businesses in nearly every sector. Whether you operate a grocery store, retail location, school, manufacturing facility, or logistics organization, we ensure your facility is maintained in an environmentally friendly fashion.

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