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Responding to an Urgent COVID-19 Disinfecting Need

One of our existing distribution clients urgently needed cleaning and disinfection due to a presumed COVID-19 case at one of their distribution locations. They needed a trusted cleaning partner that could provide comprehensive disinfecting solutions for their entire facility to prevent the spread of the virus. Their challenge was finding a commercial cleaning service that could respond to their needs on short notice and effectively eliminate the virus’s spread.

The Prestige team was already onsite daily at two of their other distribution locations, cleaning everything from office workspaces and break rooms to guardhouses and patio areas. When our client reached out and described their urgent need for cleaning and disinfection, we quickly devised a plan and deployed our specialized custodial team. Using an electrostatic sprayer designed for cleaning large areas quickly and thoroughly, we disinfected the entire office area, including individual offices and cubicles, restrooms, and other employee areas. This cleaning solution is EPA-approved and safe to use in office spaces, food service areas, and any other location where deep cleaning is needed.

We also disinfected eight trucks to ensure they could continue service the next day. We used the same electrostatic sprayer in the trucks to disinfect the cabs, trailers, and high-touch surfaces.

Our prompt, thorough disinfection solutions allowed our client to quickly and effectively respond to their COVID-19 scare. By using specialized equipment, highly trained personnel, and EPA-approved solutions, our client was able to continue their distribution operations with minimal disruption.

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Helping Manufacturing Facilities Operate Sustainably

One of our manufacturing clients, a 100-year business and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lighting products, sought to improve their operations’ sustainability. Like many businesses in the field of manufacturing, they wanted to earn the LEED green building certification, which shows that they prioritize environmental stewardship as well as the health and safety of their employees.

Prestige proudly maintains the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB), an accolade that only 2% of commercial cleaning companies have earned. This certification shows that our firm has the systems and processes needed to deliver consistent cleaning solutions that meet our client’s unique needs and enable them to adhere to LEED green cleaning standards. By using Green-Seal-certified and EPA-approved products, energy-efficient equipment, rigorous employee training programs, and more, we improved indoor air quality, access to daylight, and even employee productivity while eliminating harmful chemicals. In doing so, we helped them become one of few prestigious manufacturing facilities to achieve the LEED building certification.

Leveraging Our CIMS-GB Certification to Ensure Success

The Mall of America (MOA) needed a building services contractor to handle the housekeeping for its newly-constructed office building. The competition for this contract was intense, with specific requirements aligned with industry standards. The MOA required a contractor that could consistently meet their high cleanliness standards and maintain the prestigious image of their Class A office building.

Prestige emerged as the ideal solution for MOA’s housekeeping needs. As a national building services contractor with extensive corporate office experience and a CIMS-GB certification, we demonstrated our value and expertise throughout the bidding process. By adhering to CIMS standards, such as accurate estimating, streamlined communication, and comprehensive documentation, we impressed the MOA’s senior housekeeping manager and the advisor involved in the bidding process. Additionally, our low employee turnover rates and focus on training and development cemented us as the clear choice for MOA’s unique needs.

Our CIMS-GB certification not only helped us secure this high-value proposal but enabled us to exceed MOA’s expectations for the job. The transition was seamless, and MOA reported full satisfaction.

Maintaining a Long-Term Relationship Through Global Upheaval

The emergence of COVID-19 had a profound impact on the retail industry, demanding swift and effective measures to ensure the safety and cleanliness of shopping environments. Maintaining a clean and safe store became more critical than ever, and many retail chains needed a trusted partner to help them navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic. Open communication, additional safety services, and proactive disinfection became essential for a commercial cleaning partnership.

In the face of the challenges brought by COVID-19, Prestige proved to be a reliable partner for retail stores, providing effective solutions to ensure a safe and clean shopping environment. By closely collaborating with our clients, we developed and executed comprehensive store maintenance programs that addressed the new requirements prompted by the pandemic.

Through open communication and transparency, we built and sustained long-term relationships with our retail clients. By providing day porter services and disinfection throughout the day, we were able to go above and beyond to prioritize safety. Our dedication to client satisfaction and ability to adapt to evolving circumstances solidified us as a trusted cleaning partner, and we continue to maintain long-lasting, supportive partnerships to this day.

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