A Fortuitous Detour

Prestige Maintenance USA’s history starts in the late 1970s when Marie and Alex Dinverno made a stop in McKinney, Texas while moving their family from California to Florida. There, they met with a friend who was retiring from the commercial cleaning industry and wanted to sell his client list. Marie and Alex knew they could provide unbeatable service to those customers, so they bought the man’s fledgling business and PMUSA was born.

Marie and Alex Dinverno founded Prestige Maintenance USA in 1976.
Marie and Alex Dinverno founded PMUSA in 1976.

Though the Dinvernos didn’t make it to Florida as planned, they’ve never regretted the decision to put their entrepreneurial spirit to work by creating Prestige Maintenance USA.

Evolution of the Business

Rachel Sanchez and Jason Dinverno as children, take a rest in the warehouse.
Rachel Sanchez and Jason Dinverno as children, take a rest in the warehouse.
In the beginning, PMUSA’s core service was office and commercial cleaning, but by the late 1980s, the company had ventured into retail cleaning and expanded nationwide. Prestige Maintenance USA continues to grow, counting many Fortune 100 and 500 companies among their clients today.

From the start, Marie and Alex brought their young children, Rachel and Jason, with them to nearly every job. The younger Dinvernos were literally raised in the industry. As they got older, Rachel and Jason spent time working at their parents’ business after school, during summers and between semesters. After attending college and evaluating other career opportunities, Rachel and Jason decided to pursue the family business.


Today, Rachel serves as CEO, while her brother Jason serves as COO. Drawing on their vast industry knowledge and working with talented leaders at the company, the sister and brother team continues to deliver the highest quality janitorial and facilities maintenance services possible to their clients. Prestige Maintenance USA was named one of the top family-owned businesses in the region by the Dallas Business Journal.