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What separates Prestige Maintenance USA from the competition?

Have questions about our services or about working at PMUSA? We've got answers.
Have questions about our services or about working at PMUSA? We’ve got answers.

Since 1976, PMUSA has prioritized service over sales to ensure that our clients receive consistent, quality services and the right people for a reliable experience. As the facilities maintenance and janitorial industry changes, family-owned companies like PMUSA are becoming less common. Because we are family-owned, we can focus on what’s right for our customers, not for shareholders. We combine the coverage and convenience of a large national provider with the flexibility and service of an independently owned family business.

Prestige Maintenance USA is CIMS-GB (Green Building) certified with honors — a designation earned by less than 2% of cleaning companies. PMUSA is also a woman-owned business that values diversity. We use the latest technology to deliver services and products that exceed our clients’ expectations.

How does Prestige Maintenance USA put safety first?

At PMUSA, “safety first” is not just a slogan. It guides all of our decision-making. From the onboarding process to the hands-on training of our front-line staff, risk management is key to the safety of our customers, their guests, and our employees.

We have not only implemented an Injury and Illness Prevention Program into our training process, we have also focused on seven aspects of safety:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Initial Hire Training
  • Training Modules (including Right to Know, Globally Harmonized System, Bloodborne Pathogens and Emergency Response)
  • Integrity Hotline to report safety concerns
  • Safety Inspections
  • Safety Committees

Routine safety inspections and training of our employees ensure our focus remains on providing a safe work environment for all. To learn more about our approach to safety, visit the “Safety” page of this website.

What happens if equipment breaks down at a client’s site?

PMUSA has a dedicated national equipment service partner that performs on-site repairs to reduce downtime. In addition to reactionary service calls, PMUSA also performs preventative maintenance designed to decrease the likelihood of service interruption and extend the life cycle of our assets.

Where does PMUSA work?

Our geographic coverage includes the entire continental U.S., Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Download our Capabilities document for more information.

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How does PMUSA improve the communities where they do business?

Prestige Maintenance USA provides janitorial and facilities maintenance services in hundreds of communities across the nation, and we are dedicated to improving and becoming part of each community where we work.

We realize that every business decision we make and every task we complete has an effect on the people who do them and the environment in which they’re done. That’s why we go to great lengths to take care of the people we work with and the communities we work in. We do this with charity drives, which provide food, toys, books and other necessities to everyone from troops overseas and children who need educational materials to homeless individuals and others in need.

PMUSA also organizes Employee Volunteer Days to allow us to give back and to give our employees a chance to team up together outside of their normal work environment.

We are also dedicated to diversity and environmental sustainability. See our “Social Responsibility” page for more details on all of these initiatives.

Does PMUSA have any special certifications?

PMUSA is a certified woman-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). We have been certified since 2005 and are active members of our local affiliated chapter, the Women’s Business Council – Southwest (WBCS).

PMUSA is also CIMS-GB (Green Building) certified with honors, a certification earned by less than 2% of cleaning firms. CIMS, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard, which was developed by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) in 2006 is perhaps the most widely known and comprehensive certification in the facilities maintenance and janitorial services arena. The association later developed the CIMS-GB (Green Building) component to meet the growing demand for LEED certification.

What types of clients does PMUSA service?

PMUSA’s scalable solutions are flexible enough to the meet the requirements of any client. We service a diverse portfolio of Fortune 100 and 500 companies from sectors such as retail, transportation, distribution, and grocery. As a family-owned and -operated company, we seek partners that have similar values and want to form solid, lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on providing results that enhance the experience of our client’s customers and employees.

How does PMUSA utilize innovation?

PMUSA is run with leading-edge innovations. Our technology allows us to effectively manage customer work orders and staff. For the past four years, Prestige Maintenance USA has used EPAY Systems to manage our hourly workforce. It allows front-line managers to pull up a dashboard from their mobile device and see all of their locations, as well as the status of all the employees they manage in real-time. The software also has the ability to generate automatic customer reports. Our software allows managers to quickly resolve coverage issues before they become a problem for our customers.

PMUSA also uses a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) called CleanTelligent to manage employees, automatically generate work orders and optimize inspections. With this innovative janitorial software, which PMUSA has been using for seven years, managers receive an e-mail alert when a customer submits a work order. There is no need for a dispatcher because orders are automatically routed through the software and directly sent to the field team. This is especially useful during emergency situations like the hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Learn more about PMUSA’s use of innovative technology.

How do you handle conflict resolution for delayed or missed services?

We have both proactive and reactive systems to ensure our employees arrive on the job site and begin performing in a timely fashion. Supervisors work closely with employees to ensure they will be at the job site, but they also have contingency plans and support employees available to cover for absent employees.

In addition, our timekeeping system will notify a supervisor and regional manager 15 minutes after the start of the shift if fewer employees than required are on site. This allows us to quickly resolve coverage issues before they become a problem for our customers. The system also allows supervisors to monitor where the employees are working in real-time at any time.