Turn Up Your Company’s Productivity With a Clean Workplace

You already know that a regular deep cleaning schedule can improve your building’s overall appearance and increase the life of carpet and flooring, but did you know that it can also increase employee productivity?CleanProductivity

A study conducted by HLW International showed that the cleanliness of the work environment “heavily influenced” productivity. The study reported that a 100-person office with an average salary of $25,000 had a productivity gain equal to $125,000 a year when the workplace had been adequately cleaned

The Minnesota Department of Health found that students and workers experienced anywhere from a 2% to 8% decrease in focus and productivity when working in unclean environments and that exposure to old carpets or mold affected subjects’ typing and math skills, logical reasoning, memory and creative thinking by up to 6%. That adds up.

Regular deep cleaning doesn’t just improve productivity while employees are already at work, a study by retired Environmental Protection Agency scientist Dr. Michael Berry found that clean, healthy environments also decrease sick days, tardiness and turnover.

A dirty environment can promote the spread of infectious diseases, cause stress and reduce indoor air quality — all of which can cause health problems among employees. (Did you know that carpets that are not cleaned can collect up to a pound of dirt per square foot every year? That’s a lot of debris!) The Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine reported that health-related lost productivity costs U.S. employers approximately $225.8 billion each year. Maintaining a clean environment can help your business reduce that number.

Do your bottom line a favor and set up a regular deep cleaning schedule today.